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Deux Monogram Bague


Ring, Jewelry 




Solid: Silver/Gold/Whitegold


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Introducing the Deux Monogram Bague, a captivating fusion of elegance and boldness. Handcrafted using the finest precious materials—Silver, Gold, and White Gold—this ring stands solid without any plating.


Meticulously tailored to perfection, each design showcases unrivaled craftsmanship and uncompromising materials. The result is an exquisite masterpiece that ignites the imagination and reflects true excellence. Embrace the allure of the unknown, where sophistication and audacity entwine in captivating allure.


Every piece is uniquely handcrafted for you personally. Soon available for pre-order in our webshop.

Details on the release will follow.

NoDiamonds Sketch_1.png
Diamonds Sketch_edited.png
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