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UHA is dedicated to continuous improvement, prioritizing meaningful and measurable progress. 
At UHA, sustainability is not just an ethical necessity; it fuels innovation and measures our achievements. It permeates every aspect of our operations, influencing decisions and guiding behaviors throughout.

Image by Simon Fitall


Image by JJ Ying


At UHA, we prioritize limited production and no restocks. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in the philosophy of buying consciously, making thoughtful choices, and embracing the longevity of our products. Our mission revolves around avoiding overproduction and excessive supply. Unlike traditional industry practices, we do not adhere to a fixed release calendar or seasonal patterns. We release garments and items only when they meet our exacting standards. As a result, our releases occur in a serendipitous sequence, featuring a diverse range of items.

Environmental Impact

In our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact, we place a strong emphasis on in-house production, significantly reducing our geographical emission rate. When producing abroad, we actively pursue eco-friendly options for transportation and shipping, continuously striving to minimize our overall carbon footprint. Through relentless exploration, we are dedicated to discovering innovative approaches that will further diminish our emissions.

Image by Adam Jang
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